Helium Tank Hire Policy


  1. There will be no refunds if I fail to collect on the nominated day or for any cancellations.
  2. PartyJay requires a signed credit card imprint and drivers license for booking and hiring of helium tanks.  If you do not have a credit card we will take a $350 deposit which is returned once the tank is returned.
  3. The use, operation and care of the gas bottle and attached equipment were explained to me.  If inflated larger than 28cm, the bottle will not inflate number of recommended balloons.
  4. Balloons remain floating for 6-10 hrs. Blow them up 2 hrs before your party.
  5. The content of the gas bottle was checked in my presence and the cylinder was full.
  6. The equipment I received is all in good working order. I take full responsibility for any loss or damage of the equipment that is in my possession. I authorize PartyJay to use my credit card to cover any damage incurred by signing this document.
  7. For any loss or damage of the equipment PartyJay are authorised to use my credit cards imprint to cover any damage/loss.  The charges for lost tanks are as follows, 40 balloon tank $500, 100 balloon tank $750, 300 balloon tank $1000, 600 balloon tank $1500.  Any damage done to the regulator will incur an $80 fine.
  8. Four day hire from day of collection regardless of time collected. For example if collected on Friday, must be brought back by Monday closing. PartyJay will charge me $5.00 per day for the late return.
  9. I understand it is not safe to inhale helium gas, and that PartyJay does not recommend it.

Balloon Order Policy


  1. Balloons can not be ordered for pick-up within half an hour of the stores opening/closing time.
  2. Balloons can not be blown up until full payment has been received for order, and payment for balloons in non refundable.
  3. I understand bouquets have a “best before” range, this has been explained to me and I understand how long my balloons will last. Latex balloons will last 6-10 hours.
  4. If I need to change my order pickup time , I have to notify with 2hrs of pickup time.
  5. any changes to the order will incur fees, and If I need to change order I have to notify 2 days before pickup date.
  6.  There is no refunds for Balloon orders cancellation once they are paid and processed and packed.

Product Refund Policy

  1. All returns strictly within 14 days with * proof
  2. No refund or exchange for Balloons, Sale Items, Costumes, Hats, Lollies, Confectionary & Consumable products
  3. No refund on seasonal products
  4. No refund or exchange for change of mind